Monday, February 8, 2010

A Solution to BUG in Desktop-switcher of Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix. (Bug #370133)

     In NBR Ubuntu 9.04 version, there are 2 modes of Desktops.

1. Ubuntu Netbook Desktop.
2. Classic Desktop.

    Switching between these 2 modes can be done by running a command "desktop-switcher" in Terminal Window Or By selecting it from 
->System->Preferences->Switch Desktop Mode".

Problem: There is a BUG in the desktop-switcher package that comes as a default package of Ubuntu NBR 9.04. The bug will affect the Desktop Modes as a result of which the "Classic desktop" will lose its panels, Menu, etc. You will see only a Background Image + any Icons on Desktop. No Keys will work at that stage. But you can add a Terminal LAUNCHER to Desktop and run some commands.

Note : You need a Terminal window to go for below steps. If you are in "Classic desktop" mode, you can Right Click on Desktop area and select "Create a Launcher......" from the menu. Use command "gnome-terminal".


Steps are,

1. Remove old desktop Switcher package.
sudo dpkg -r --force-all desktop-switcher
2. Remove Configeration data of desktop switcher.
rm -rf ~/.config/desktop-switcher
3. Install desktop-switcher_0.4.6_i386.deb from the link :

4. Try switching between Desktop Modes and finally Restart the computer if needed.

Reference : My practical Testing + Information from the site