Friday, October 16, 2009

Setup TATA plug&surf wireless modem on Linux (also Ubuntu).


Open Konsole from Start Menu ­> System ­> Terminals ­> Konsole.

Type “kppp” as command - This will display KPPP (Phone dialer) window.

Tata INDICOM (Wireless) MODEM Setup on LINUX:
If you are using the Modem for the first time, then you need to configure the
Modem. The configuration is as follows.
Click on ¨Configure...¨ button.
It will display New window. Under ¨Accounts¨, click on ¨New...¨ Button.
One more window will be displayed. Click on ¨Manual
Window ¨New Account KPPP¨ gets displayed.
Type in ¨Connection Name¨ text box as TATA (Or any name can be given).
Under Phone Number, Click on ¨Add...¨ Button.
Under ¨Add Phone Number ­ KPPP¨ type phone number as #777. click ¨OK¨.
Click OK on ¨New Account KPPP¨ window.
Under ¨KPPP Configuration ­ KPPP¨ window, Go to ¨Modems¨
Click on ¨New...¨ Button.
Window ¨New Modem KPPP¨ will get displayed.
Type Modem Name as TATA.
Select Modem Device as /dev/ttyACM0.
Uncheck ¨Use
Goto Modem section in the same window. Uncheck ¨Wait for dial tone before dialing¨.
Click OK On ¨Edit Modem Window¨. Click OK On ¨KPPP Configuration Window¨.
Finally you will reach KPPP Login Window.
Connect To INTERNET : (When all settings are made)
 Open Konsole.
 Type kppp command (use small letters).
 ¨KPPP¨ window will be displayed.
 Enter in text boxes, as follows.
Connect to : TATA
Login Id : internet
Password : internet
 Click on ¨Connect¨ Button. Wait for timer to start. Starting of timer means Internet connection
is done successfully.
 To disconnect Internet connection, Click on ¨Disconnect¨ button. This will go back to KPPP
 Press ¨Quit¨ Button to exit.
Trouble-Shooting :
1. When connected to internet, sometimes, it displays ¨Kppp can not find ­/dev/ttyACM0¨. The
meaning is, Modem not inserted OR Modem not working.
2. ¨kppp died unexpectedly¨, means No network coverage.
3. ¨Modem Hangup¨, means No service of Tata
4. Sometimes kppp fails to recognize the USB Modem. This means there are some broken
connections in USB plug.

Note : Ubuntu Linux can detect TATA modems and setup automatically.

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