Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cheapest Mic-Set, using Ubuntu Linux OS, for conducting seminars and functions.

If you are using a laptop (ASUS LAPTOP in my case) with UBUNTU 9.04 Linux, then you can use the computer to setup a Cheapest MIC-SET that you may need to conduct functions, meetings etc.

What are the things needed ?

1. A small MIC from a Mobile Head Phone..

2. 3mm Audio Jack with paired wires of sufficient length.

3. Any cheap Amplifier / FM set that is available in market for Rs. 300/-.

4. Old PC speakers- 2 Nos.


1. Solder MIC to the cable that connects to the Audio Jack.

2. Insert the audio jack into ASUS eeePc Laptop.

3. Swith on the Laptop.

4. Use Volume Control Panel to switch the MIC ON. Make Volume level high.

5. Connect the audio output to Amplifier.

6. Talk at the MIC and correspondingly adjust the MIC volume.


Advantages :

1. You can save upto Rs. 1000 / day. Because the rented MIC_SET costs around Rs. 1000/ day at our place.

Note : This article is to just show that how differently we can think.

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