Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Import PDF files into OpenOffice.org and edit.

Sometimes, a need may arise to import PDF files and re-edit the file to correct errors in it. There may be a lot solutions available for this, but I prefer the "sun-pdfimport.oxt" Openoffice.org extension to import almost any PDF file into openoffice and edit.

Steps I used are as given below,

1. Download "sun-pdfimport.oxt", which is known as PDF import extension file, from the link http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/project/pdfimport.

2. Open Openoffice.Org Wordprocessor. Goto Tools-->Extension manager.... option.

3. Click on "Add...". Select the downloaded file (sun-pdfimport.oxt). This will install the Extension file. Restart  Openoffice.

4. Now, you can open a .pdf file using wordprocessor. Another option to open pdf file is to Right Click on PDF file and select "open with...." command. Then select the Application as "wordprocessor".

I hope this information was useful to you all....

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