Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Solution - Broken Downloads in Ubuntu Linux.


Suppose you are downloading a file from Internet using your web browser (Mozilla Firefox). Suddenly, Internet gets disconnected. At that moment you have no choice but to re-download, usually. Because, if you select "retry" option, download starts from the beginning and you will lose all the partial data that you have downloaded. I found a solution for this, which helps to continue the downloads from the point where it got disconnected previously.

1. Open a "Terminal" window / "Konsole" window.
2. Change directory to the Download directory. e.g. If you are downloading to a folder "/home/v", then type the command cd /home/v.
3. Then type the following command to continue downloading,

wget -c

Where, is the Download link for the file example.deb which need to be downloaded.
-c option enables you to continue downloads.

Please note that you can get Download Link of the file in Downloads section of your browser, you can just right click on the broken download file and copy the link location.

(Note :
1. Another option is to use wget command alone in order to download bigger files.
2. Usually broken download creats a file named "example.deb.part".
3. I took help from Nanda N, KarMic for this, thanks to her.

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