Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Useful Packages Available in Ubuntu.

        I have tried to List some of the Packages that are really helpful. These packages all come with Ubuntu Linux.

gparted - Partition Manager.
ubuntu-rescue-remix - Data Recovery Tool
brasero - CD burner tool. - Presently 3.2 version has lot more features when we talk about MailMerge, Conditional Formatting and Total Number of Cells available.
otrs2 - Open Ticket Request System software.
xsane - Scanner Software.
Gimp - Graphical Editor which is almost same as Photoshop.
usb-creator - Usb Startup disk creator software.
Image-Writer - Write .img images on disks.
synaptic - Package manager software tool.
Apache2 - Web Server.
Squirrelmail - webmail server software.
mplayer - Movie Player
totem - Audio Player.
firefox - Webbrowser
evolution - email client (same as thunderbird).
gedit - Test editor for gnome
gdm - Gnome Display manager.

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